Up Board Configuration

  1. Got to Setup. Follow the instructions for Ubuntu 18.04 installation and configuration, creating the usb device and installing the kernel: Install Ubuntu kernel 4.15.0 for UP from PPA on Ubuntu 18.04 . Then enable the Hat functionality: Enable the HAT functionality from userspace . Use the Ubunto TwoPotatoe username and password.
  2. Install xfce desktop environment.
  3. Install realvnc with same TwoPotatoe login name and password.
  4. Install Eclipse C++ development environment. You can also get it from Eclipse.org, extract it and move it to some other directory and create a desktop launcher.
  5. Install Samba. Use the same name and password as for Ubuntu. You must sudo this command. Add the ~/eclipse-workspace/ environment.
  6. Copy the TwoPotatoe source into the Eclipse environment.
  7. Install the Realsense libraies.
  8. Import the TwoPotatoe project with Import Projects from File System
  9. In Eclipse set to compile with the c11 environment: Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings->GCC C++ Compiler->Dialect->ISO C++11
  10. Add the Realsense libraries: Properties->C/C++ Build->Settings->GCC C++ Linker->Libraries->realsense2 may need to be added.
  11. Add runtp killtp “killall TwoPotatoe” and findtp “pgrep -a TwoPotatoe” scripts.
  12. Add runtp& to .profile.