Sparkfun AVC Competition

In 2o16, TwoPotatoe and ThreePotatoe entered the annual Sparfun AVC Competition.  This video is Sparkfun’s summary of the event:

The following video shows the third heat and you can see TwoPotatoe at about 0:53 and ThreePotatoe at 1:07. Please ignore the part where ThreePotatoe attacks the children.

TwoPotatoe won first place in his division and ThreePotatoe won second in his.  Here are a few pictures:

The proud robots
The proud robots
ThreePotatoe at the start line.
TwoPotatoe heading down the main straightaway.
ThreePotatoe negotiating the barrels.
ThreePotatoe negotiating the barrels.
TwoPotatoe negotiating the hairpins.
TwoPotatoe negotiating the hairpins.  Photo contributed by our friend Aly.

You can learn more about the entire competition here: